The history of our company began with an introduction to the owner of an Italian coffee factory «Torrefazione Goriziana» and his family in 2001 in northern Italy, in the city of Gorizia. The story of the multi-year family tradition, Italian passion for coffee and a sincere love what they do is incredibly inspired us. And after a while we became the exclusive distributor of the brand in Russia.

Over the subsequent 15 years, the company has successfully developed and mastered other businesses. There was a branch of complex food supply in the segment Horeca. Also, get some experience with the supply of coffee, we realized the need to support our customers coffee facilities. A short time later we found a reliable partner for coffee equipment. Acquainted with the family Brutti and factory «Royal» for the production of professional coffee machines and spare parts for coffee machines, we realized that this product is fully consistent with our expectations and is the highest standard of quality at a good price..

Eventually it was decided to split the company into two separate business lines: complex supply of food in Horeca segment and professional supply of coffee, tea and coffee equipment all over Russia, so both of these business lines would be maintained at a permanent high level of operation. Consequently "Gorizia" company became a separate business line. After the visit to an Italian coffee factory we refined our methods of coffee roasting and production. The result of this trip was cooperate development of coffee blends and the creation of "Verle Caffe" coffee brand. After this trip a team of professionals was formed, who could promptly and efficiently react to customer's requests and actively develop new brand. "Gorizia" company now is a family business and a professional team, passionate for Italian coffee culture and its development in Russia. Our main values remain the same and are based on honest relations with people, so every new cooperation is really valuable for us.