23 August - 2017
A trip to Italy with our partners
This year «Torrefazione Goriziana» factory celebrates its 50th anniversary. We gathered a large group of our partners from all over Russia and visited the “heart” of coffee history.
08 August - 2017
New «Silenzio in Maremma» Verlé Caffe blend
This spring started with fruitful cooperation with Italian factory Torrefazione Goriziana. It resulted in a creation of the fifth Verlé Caffe line blend «Silenzio in Maremma»
25 October - 2016
Summing up. «Moscow Coffee & Tea Expo».
This crazy week that we’ve spent on «Moscow Coffee & Tea Expo» - 4th International expo for coffee and tea industry professionals - has passed.
11 October - 2016
Participation in upcoming event «Moscow Coffee & Tea Expo».
We are glad to announce that in one week “GoriziaCo” team will go to Moscow to conquer it. As a part of the biggest HoReCa event in Russia and CIS, which is held annually — «PIR Expo-2016», we traditionally will participate in «Moscow Coffee & Tea Expo».
18 August - 2016
Participation in gastronomic festival “Oda. Eda!”
July was hot in every way as “Verle to go” team was getting ready for an upcoming gastronomic festival “Oda. Eda!” the whole month without any breaks.
01 August - 2016
The owner of “Torrefazione Goriziana” factory meets “GoriziaCo” team.
A visit of Mitja Rogelja, the owner of “Torrefazione Goriziana” factory in the end of July was an important event for everyone at “GoriziaCo”.
01 August - 2016
“Verle to Go” project start up in the very heart of Saint-Petersburg.
City project “Verle to go” was launched on May, 2nd, in historical part of Saint-Petersburg, among busy avenues and quiet lanes.