23 August - 2017

A trip to Italy with our partners

This year «Torrefazione Goriziana» factory celebrates its 50th anniversary.

We gathered a large group of our partners from all over Russia, — the people we work for a long period of time and the ones we just started to work with — and visited the «heart» of coffee history. It is important for us that our partners would see the production process from the inside and we will try to keep it that way in the future.

On the first day Italy welcomed us with a pouring rain. But this ironic turn of events did not change our plans and we went exploring narrow streets in the city of Gorizia. We visited impressively bold Castello di Gorizia castle, where we could see vineyards and a cozy local park spread around under the stormy sky. In a medieval Italian coffee shop you can feel the mood of the locals with their passion and love for life and for a good taste.


The next day we caught up on work of «Torrefazione Goriziana» factory itself: we saw bean roasting techniques, packaging stages and aspects — in general, we blended in the everyday nonstop production processes. Later in the port we saw bean storage conditions, quality control and and logistics processes — starting from coffee plantation to its destination — the factory.


To consolidate our knowledge we visited the «temple» of «Imperator» green beans in the city of Triest. «Bloom» school, affiliated with the company, organised the capping event for us, where we discovered how to evaluate bean defects; compared tastes — dealing with peculiarities of washed and naturally processed beans — and at the end of it all we took part in a Chemex brew workshop.    


Then we went to the city of Conegliano, where a «BFC Royal Coffeemachines» factory is located. First thing we visited well-adjusted and smoothly running high-tech coffee machine production line, which organically combines automatization with manual assembly under professional supervision. And experience has proven that this is the only way to make a product with a soul and a sense.


Afterwards we took part in two-week intensive course, which was passionately held by Ivo Filigi, a member of SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) and a trainer in IBL (Italian Barista Lab). We learned the history, genetics and botanics of a coffee bean, we also had a possibility to see and test the process of coffee drinks preparation on espresso machines. In particular, we dealt in practice with grind presets, extraction stages and its impact on drink taste; we learned milk whipping techniques for getting glossy and even cap. Workshop ended with extensive and informative conversation about coffee machine mechanics and technical characteristics.


We indeed had a very rich and extensive programme for such a short period of time. People who were around us all the time were very hospitable — this really touched and amazed us — all our crew was charged with energy, inspiration and love for long!